Our Story


Original Evergreen Baptist

Evergreen Baptist Church had its start more than 90 years ago. It all began when members from a local church came to a small school house called Rock Bluff and held revival services. This revival laid the foundation for a new church to serve the Vance, AL area.

In 1914 a little band of 13 believers came together and started Evergreen Baptist Church. Meeting at the local schoolhouse only served for a short time however and it was decided by the church leaders that Evergreen Baptist needed its own space. And in 1915 the church constructed a 30 x 40 frame building on the site that would be EBC’s home for the next fifty years.

Newer building

Our Next Chapter

During the first 45 years a total of 14 pastors served at EBC. As the church grew under the care and leadership of such godly men, more space was needed. In 1967 plans were drawn for a new education building to disciple the growing congregation. After 10 years the church voted to double the education space, doubling the number of available classrooms.

In October of 1994 the church elected a committee to study the feasibility of buying land to build a new church for the rapidly-growing congregation. After 3 years of study and prayer the church voted to buy property adjacent to Highway 11, the main thoroughfare of Vance, AL. One of the driving ideals behind the building project was to complete this project debt-free. On November 3, 2002, the current site was dedicated and a special prayer service was held on the grounds.


Our Future

It was during the building phase of 2002-2005 that EBC truly experienced the providence and power of God. Outside organizations offered their expertise and did much to help during the building of the new building, but without the faithful and gifted people of EBC no church would have been built. The Lord blessed EBC with visionaries, craftsmen, and many hard workers. There is no way to estimate the value of those gifts of labor from inside and outside. Within the last few years, God has blessed EBC with tremendous growth and vitality, filling the chairs in this new building that can only be described as a gift from God. Our hope is that you will find a home with us at Evergreen and will call us your church family.